Posted by: adamha88 | August 24, 2011

Free voucher website.

This blog has been dorment for over a year now…However I thought I would do one more and most likely my last ever post.

I recently came across this local voucher website which give offeres free vouchers in England, currently offering some good deals in the Midlands, and I though I would share it with the few remaning people who seem to end up reading this blog.

Why? Because it’s a new local business, oh and obviously because it’s free to use.

I hope you all enjoy it and find useful local vouchers for your local area.

To view the vouchers simply click the link here:

Posted by: adamha88 | June 1, 2010

Tram extension given the “green light”.

So it’s official, the trams are set for the go ahead. A possible route for the tramlines can be seen here.

Posted by: adamha88 | May 24, 2010

Green Cars in Solihull?

After spotting my first electric car on the road last week I wanted to find out how many electric, or even “Green”, cars are on the roads in Solihull.

After making a list of popular car manufacturers I then decided on three different sections, small, medium and large, this size guide is more to do with C02 emissions than actual size of the vehicle, although the two often go hand in hand. I also outlined a section specifically for “Green / Electric cars”, this could be any manufacturer or size.

Definition of cars (class):

Small: Ford KA, VW Polo, Fiat 500

Medium: Ford Focus, Vaxhuall Vectra, BMW 3 Series

Large: BMW x6, Renault Espace, Sports cars

With the targets outlined I monitored Streetsbrook Road, a main road which leads in and out of Solihull town center, for one hour between the hours of three and four. I managed to log a total of 236 cars during this hour, although some did slip by when I couldn’t keep up with the sheer amount of traffic!

The results are as followed:

Total: 236

Small vehicles: 102

Medium vehicles: 106

Large vehicles: 28

Electric / Green vehicles: 0

Unfortunately there was not a single car which could be classed as “Environmentally friendly”, although schemes such as CABLED are up and running in the area, there clearly isn’t enough being done by the motorists in the area to support the environment. Below you can see a pie chart of the results or similarly follow this link for a detailed spreadsheet containing the data gathered.

Posted by: adamha88 | May 13, 2010

The Cove.

I recently came across a documentary entitled The Cove. Although The Cove gained critical acclaim it has yet to receive the commercial success it truly deserves.

The Cove is an academy award winning documentary, delving into the life a small Japanese coastal town over shadowed by corruption and the illegal slaughter of 23,000 dolphins every year.

The documentary follows a team, whose ambitious goal is to put an end to the slaughter of innocent dolphins. To do this they devise a plan to reveal the secret of the cove to the world. By installing hidden cameras under the cover of the night, the team was able to film the shocking events which literally stained the ocean red.

The Cove is set for release in Japan later this summer, and I for one hope the documentary has a crippling effect on the controversial slaughter.

To find out more about The Cove visit their website, where you can sign a petition, write a letter, follow the movie makes on Twitter and Facebook as well as making a donation.

Posted by: adamha88 | May 13, 2010

Electric car spotted in B’ham!

So today I was driving into uni when I spotted a rather interesting looking car. On closer inspection I realised it was the Mitsubishi I-MiEV! The small I-MiEV is one of several cars currently been trialed by CABLED in Birmingham and Coventry.

At some traffic lights I managed to take a cheeky snap with my phone. As you can see below the car looks very modern and clearly isn’t ashamed to point out the fact it’s an electric car! (writing on side and rear).

To find out more about the CABLED scheme click here, or to view a recent story I wrote for Birmingham Recycled, click here.

Posted by: adamha88 | May 6, 2010

Metro poll results

The Metro poll has now finished, a total of 25 people cast their vote. The results are displayed below.

Results table: Is the planned Birmingham Metro extension really worth 127 million pound?

Posted by: adamha88 | May 4, 2010

Birmingham’s Metro extension map.

Below you can see a map of the approximate route and stop locations of the Birmingham Metro extension.

Along the route there are approximately 14 bus stops. 14 bus stops which could see a reduction in the amount of passenger due to the Metro.


Tram: Possible stops.

Pink pins: Prime shopping locations.

Yellow pins: Other areas of interest.

Blue line: Possible tram route.

Green line: Google’s recommenced car route.

Posted by: adamha88 | April 20, 2010

How green are you?

Interactive quiz, all you need to do is tally up your score after each round, to find out how green you are!

To start the quiz click here: Go Go Go

….If any links aren’t working correctly let me know in the comment section!


Posted by: adamha88 | April 19, 2010

Birmingham metro extension poll

If you didn’t know there are currently plans underway to build a Metro line through the heart of Birmingham. The estimated expenditure for the project is 127.1 million pound, but the extension will be less than one mile long…Do you think it’s worth it? Vote below!

Poll closed, no more votes please!

Posted by: adamha88 | March 27, 2010

12 ton gas guzzling monsters spotted in Birmingham

Hoarding through the city center. Consuming stranded pedestrians, taking them on what can only be described as an uncomfortable journey, before spitting them out at designated points…. And we call this a service?

As you may guess I’m not a fan of bus’s in the Midlands. I don’t think they are maintained at a high standard or governed properly.

Although when comparing buses to cars, with the amount of people they can hold at one time, they are a greener method of transport at certain times of the day (rush hour). However during off peek hours, why do we see double decker buses polluting our environment with only 3 -4 passengers? Why have single decker’s not been deployed?

It seems a simple question to me, however it’s taken West Midland Travel 3 and a half weeks to get back to me on this, oh and I’m still waiting. Despite several phone calls and emails they have blatantly ignored this simple question. Do they not know the answer, or do they have something to hide? I don’t know, however I do know a double decker bus carrying 4 – 5 people is far far worse for our environment than a simple car. Heck it’s even worse than a Hummer.

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