Posted by: adamha88 | February 15, 2010

Bournville College the enviromentally friendly campus!

Some of you may have heard that there is currently a 66 million pound project under production in Birmingham. Bournville College, the state of the art campus will house 15,000 of Birmingham’s young minds. All of the plans and designs are very impressive, however I couldn’t get one thing out of my head. Upon completion a project this big would surely produce a fair amount of green house gas. To put my mind at rest I sent an email to David Collins, Assistant Principal: Estates, at Bournville College and to my delight i got a speedy reply. The College seemed very keen to keep the carbon emissions as low as possible and the campus itself has been designed to achieve the BRE EAM “excellent” rating. Some of the key aspects in achieving this rating are:

* Rain water harvesting
* Classroom designed around a heatsink affect
* Exposed concrete soffits which take in heat during the day and release at night.
* Wasteplan scheme

Overall I was impressed with the strategies outlined by Bournville College and wish them all the best in luck, as they progress with the build of their environmentally friendly campus.


  1. I hope that they will also teach about conservation and energy saving within the actually college because otherwise it would be pointless if the students don’t learn from it.

  2. This sounds brilliant, I’m especially impressed with the idea of rain harvesting water.

    Its good to see that after the many educational institutes I’ve attended with little or no concern for environmental issues that in some cases positive action is being taken to improve the environment.

    Hopefully this action inspire and encourage it’s pupils to do the same.

  3. Are those methods that David Collins told you about then?

    Sometimes a lot of ‘green’ things can be a contradiction. This campus is certainly something to keep an eye on for updates!

    • Yeah, it seems good and as you say, should have an eye kept on it in the future.

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