Posted by: adamha88 | February 19, 2010

Purple goes green?

Cadbury has been at the center of a lot of media attention since the turn of 2010. Mostly due to it’s surprise take over by American food giants Kraft and it’s factory closure in Keynsham. The Midland based chocolate makers are still one of Birmingham’s most prized assets. With this in mind I wanted to find out how Cadbury manages it’s carbon footprint. So after sending an email to the Cadbury Media & Press Relations team, asking a few simple questions about how they run the company in relation to the environment I eagerly awaited a response. A day passed, then another and another, before I finally received a reply. The reply left me slightly disappointed, although it was politely written and thanked me for my enquirers it didn’t actually answer my questions. Instead it linked me to a section of the Cadbury website, “purple goes green“. The section itself is as you would expect, full of praise for the steps Cadbury has taken to lower it’s carbon emissions. But what is really interesting is the targets which have been set for the future;

  • “50% reduction of net absolute carbon emissions by 2020”
  • “Use more environmentally sustainable forms of packaging – aim for 60% biodegradable, with 100% of secondary packaging being recyclable”

Upon my first glance I thought, “that’s brilliant”, however I then took a second look and considered what “reduction of net absolute carbon emissions”, actually means. And to be honest i have no idea. If anyone has any idea please let me know, a reduction of 50% is huge and should be highly praised, but 50% of what? From the second point I then noticed the word “aim”, this makes me feel like they are covering themselves in case they cannot meet the target set and this unfortunately doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Overall Cadbury has set itself what seems to be ambitious goals, however if they are met it would be fantastic and should not go unnoticed, but this remains to be seen. In the mean time, have a break, have a Kit Kat . . . .


  1. I think this is written to sound good, but I’m finding it hard to think positively about Cadbury at the min.

    They seem to have left them self a lot of leeway by saying they what a reduction in the next TEN years.

    Hopefully they will manage it and with all the technological advances in the eco field it’s likely that they will!

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