Posted by: adamha88 | February 26, 2010

Madness utter madness!

Okay so this isn’t an environmental post but I have never witnessed a bigger police presence in my life!

So I looked out my window for no particular reason and I spotted a Fiat Punto in the middle of the road, wondering why it’s stopped I swapped rooms to get a better view and noticed another car and a small group of people by the roadside. By now I was really interested! So I went down to roadside to get a closer look and to my surprise there was a police bike upside down!

Over the next 40 minuets my road was visited by no less than 5 police cars, 1 unmarked police car and 2 ambulances!

The officer who was on the bike, was on his feet and seemed okay. When I was taking the photo I heard him say “I’m a little sore”. However later he was taken by the ambulance with a neck brace fitted securing his neck.

I sincerely hope he is okay, but I can’t help but think would a civilian get this much attention?

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