Posted by: adamha88 | March 17, 2010

Has Aston Villa’s prolonged cup run, effected the Enviroment?

So while this year could currently be considered a successful one, in the eyes of an Aston Villa fan. Have the recent cup runs increased the level of carbon emissions released by the faithful following?

For this investigation I’m only taking into consideration the away fixtures. For the average away game 3,000 (rising to 5,000 – 6,000) Aston Villa fans travel up and down the country, it’s almost impossible to figure out the exact number of fans/extra vehicles making cross country journeys, because not every fan travels by car. Some fans will rent a mini van, catch a train or take the coach. However a large number of fans will travel by car and in some cases only carry 1 – 2 people per vehicle and in all honesty, it’s these people who are doing the damage.

If we look at Aston Villa’s away schedule this year:

Carling cup:                                        FA Cup:

Cardiff 118M                                        Blackburn 114M

Sunderland 199M                                 Crystal Palace 107M

Portsmouth 160M                                 Reading 105M

Blackburn 114M                                   London 118M

London 118M                                       Overall: 444M

Overall: 709M                                    Total: 2306M The total was doubled, as fans are traveling both to and from the venue.

Another problem which could occur when refining the research, is not every Aston Villa fan travels from Birmingham. Some might travel from London, where as others travel from Reading.

Once the research is complete and I have figured out an approximate amount of emissions, that could of been produced by the the clubs good fortune in the cups. I will then produce this figure to Aston Villa and ask them ways in which the volume of emissions could be cut down, for future seasons.  Hopefully they will have a good answer.

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