Posted by: adamha88 | March 26, 2010

The CSI Experience

Earlier this week I was wondering around the Bull Ring with my partner in crime, Joanne. When we stumbled across The CSI Experience. Intrigued we took a closer look and ended up inside, we were approached by a shaded figure who explained there had been a crime, a suspected murder no less. Did we want to be CSI’s for the day and investigate …. Well yes, of course!

So we set out investigating the crime scene, which was a young women who had been found dead in an side ally. Without giving too much away of the story away, we searched the area and collected our evidence and proceeded to the next area, the crime labs.

In the crime we set about evaluating our evidence, and piecing together the puzzle that was the crime scene. We traced DNA, finger prints, inspected May fly lava amongst other things.

Following on from this was my favorite part. The Post Mortem examination, here we spoke to the doctor himself who took us through the cause of death. With some impressive special effects , we were able to get an insight to the cause in true CSI style.

Now after well over an hour came the decisive part. We were sat down with Agent Grissom, evaluating all of our evidence. After answering some teasing questions it was time to pick out the culprit. Unfortunately for myself I picked the wrong one. However Joanne after carefully processing her notes, got it correct.

After all the fun and games I was presented with a Diploma, for passing my CSI test! For a limited time only it’s also 2 for 1 at CSI.

If you want to check it out, head over to The Bull Ring Birmingham and seek out The CSI Experience, (located where Borders book shop used to be). Enjoy ! 🙂

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