Posted by: adamha88 | March 27, 2010

12 ton gas guzzling monsters spotted in Birmingham

Hoarding through the city center. Consuming stranded pedestrians, taking them on what can only be described as an uncomfortable journey, before spitting them out at designated points…. And we call this a service?

As you may guess I’m not a fan of bus’s in the Midlands. I don’t think they are maintained at a high standard or governed properly.

Although when comparing buses to cars, with the amount of people they can hold at one time, they are a greener method of transport at certain times of the day (rush hour). However during off peek hours, why do we see double decker buses polluting our environment with only 3 -4 passengers? Why have single decker’s not been deployed?

It seems a simple question to me, however it’s taken West Midland Travel 3 and a half weeks to get back to me on this, oh and I’m still waiting. Despite several phone calls and emails they have blatantly ignored this simple question. Do they not know the answer, or do they have something to hide? I don’t know, however I do know a double decker bus carrying 4 – 5 people is far far worse for our environment than a simple car. Heck it’s even worse than a Hummer.

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