Posted by: adamha88 | April 19, 2010

Birmingham metro extension poll

If you didn’t know there are currently plans underway to build a Metro line through the heart of Birmingham. The estimated expenditure for the project is 127.1 million pound, but the extension will be less than one mile long…Do you think it’s worth it? Vote below!

Poll closed, no more votes please!


  1. It won’t because Birmingham already has a strong public infrastructure in the form of buses and spending that amount of money on something less than a mile long is a total waste no matter what.

  2. At one point there was a notion of a Birmingham Underground being talked about. That would be a real plus for Birmingham. Whilst massive amount of the city are being redeveloped this would be massively possible. I do not believe Metro will work, or will be beneficial to anyone.

  3. Investment in transport infrastructure always pays off in the long term. This will one will happen now as the money is finally improved. Bring it on!

  4. This line extension has to be assesssed against its purpose and not how long it is on its own which is not how it will be used.
    It brings the population of Wolverhampton and a significant Black Country corridor right into the heart of Birmingham shopping and also to New Street Station with its radial rail routes many of which are not available from the black Country.
    The net cost after the government grant is £45million.
    As a city we should make use of any grants to improve the infrastructure and its attraction to new businesses and visitors, thus bringing wealth and jobs to the area.
    Corporation Street in Birmingham is a bad mix of of shoppers and heavy bus traffic – cars and taxis as well! Generally, noisy mayhem exists along this key street, which is crossed in two places by thousands of shoppers and visitors every day. The electric Metro tram is a much quieter and cleaner form of transport and will displace the multitude of buses with trams every 6 to 8 minutes during the day time.

  5. You can find out more about the Metro by visiting , the route of the extension at
    and the experience of riding the current Line 1 from Snow Hill to Wolverhampton at .

  6. I understand that the £82million government grant towards the funding has not been paid and there are fears that it may not survive a change of government. (Souce Birmingham Post).

    • An unexpected twist! Thanks for informing me, will look into this!

  7. In itself probably not, what happened to walking?

    But if its part of taking the metro to the other side of the city and out beyond then maybe….

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