Posted by: adamha88 | May 24, 2010

Green Cars in Solihull?

After spotting my first electric car on the road last week I wanted to find out how many electric, or even “Green”, cars are on the roads in Solihull.

After making a list of popular car manufacturers I then decided on three different sections, small, medium and large, this size guide is more to do with C02 emissions than actual size of the vehicle, although the two often go hand in hand. I also outlined a section specifically for “Green / Electric cars”, this could be any manufacturer or size.

Definition of cars (class):

Small: Ford KA, VW Polo, Fiat 500

Medium: Ford Focus, Vaxhuall Vectra, BMW 3 Series

Large: BMW x6, Renault Espace, Sports cars

With the targets outlined I monitored Streetsbrook Road, a main road which leads in and out of Solihull town center, for one hour between the hours of three and four. I managed to log a total of 236 cars during this hour, although some did slip by when I couldn’t keep up with the sheer amount of traffic!

The results are as followed:

Total: 236

Small vehicles: 102

Medium vehicles: 106

Large vehicles: 28

Electric / Green vehicles: 0

Unfortunately there was not a single car which could be classed as “Environmentally friendly”, although schemes such as CABLED are up and running in the area, there clearly isn’t enough being done by the motorists in the area to support the environment. Below you can see a pie chart of the results or similarly follow this link for a detailed spreadsheet containing the data gathered.

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