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Vlog of the week! (week 7)

Posted by: adamha88 | March 26, 2010

The CSI Experience

Earlier this week I was wondering around the Bull Ring with my partner in crime, Joanne. When we stumbled across The CSI Experience. Intrigued we took a closer look and ended up inside, we were approached by a shaded figure who explained there had been a crime, a suspected murder no less. Did we want to be CSI’s for the day and investigate …. Well yes, of course!

So we set out investigating the crime scene, which was a young women who had been found dead in an side ally. Without giving too much away of the story away, we searched the area and collected our evidence and proceeded to the next area, the crime labs.

In the crime we set about evaluating our evidence, and piecing together the puzzle that was the crime scene. We traced DNA, finger prints, inspected May fly lava amongst other things.

Following on from this was my favorite part. The Post Mortem examination, here we spoke to the doctor himself who took us through the cause of death. With some impressive special effects , we were able to get an insight to the cause in true CSI style.

Now after well over an hour came the decisive part. We were sat down with Agent Grissom, evaluating all of our evidence. After answering some teasing questions it was time to pick out the culprit. Unfortunately for myself I picked the wrong one. However Joanne after carefully processing her notes, got it correct.

After all the fun and games I was presented with a Diploma, for passing my CSI test! For a limited time only it’s also 2 for 1 at CSI.

If you want to check it out, head over to The Bull Ring Birmingham and seek out The CSI Experience, (located where Borders book shop used to be). Enjoy ! 🙂

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Game reviews

So this is the idea: This blog post will be updated as I progress with a hobby of mine, gaming. The aim of the post is to let you all know what games I have recently played and my opinion on them. Games I’m playing through and my current thoughts on them. And finally two lists, the first a list of games I’m looking to get in the near future and secondly an eagerly anticipated list.

Recently played:

Dragon Age: Origins, Overall 9 / 10. This is a truly fantastic game, the character relations are like no other game. A definite purchase for any RPG fan.

God of war collection, 8.5 / 10. A remake of the ps2 classics onto ps3. The word “enormous”, doesn’t do these games justice.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, 9.5 / 10. This game has everything. A fanatic story, brilliant graphics, good humor and most importantly great game play. Possibly one of the best games I have played to date.

Batman Arkham Asylum, 9 / 10. What a pleasant surprise, I bought this game thinking it would be good. But I was taken back by the sheer brilliance.

Currently playing:

Demon’s souls (PS3).

This was voted GOTY by Gamespot. Do I agree? As far as I can make out I’m currently over halfway through my first play through and while I will agree it fantastic, I wouldn’t go as far to say its GOTY 2009. It does possess extremely hard game play, which keeps you on the edge of your seat even at the most mundane times. I love the fact that if you die you, are severely punished in this game. It makes you think about every action, plan every step and pray for that little bit of luck. Overall I would currently put Demon’s Souls at 8 / 10, not higher mainly due to it’s story line, or lack of. However it can easily rise to 9.5 and I hope it does.

Final Fantasy 13 (PS3).

It’s been a long wait, but it’s here. I started this game today. I’m currently approximately three hours into it. So I can’t really give an accurate in site. But that isn’t going to stop me. It has great graphics, sound effects, voice acting and many other things you would expect for a Final Fantasy game. However they appear to have taken out a leveling system, I’m currently praying one is introduced later in the game. Otherwise every little tedious battle is for nothing. Another thing that is strange is I’m only currently controlling one member from a party, instead of previous games where you take control of the entire group, will this change? I hope so. The final thing worthy of a mention is they have taken out the turn based system, you can now heal or use other items at will, regardless of weather it’s your turn. Currently I’m slightly disappointed with a few things, but there is about 55 more hours for Final Fantasy to impress. Currently I would give it a 7 / 10, but this could end up ranging from a 6 – 9.5 / 10.

Resistance 2 (PS3)

I bought this game after reading some good reviews online, however I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. It may have been a good game upon release, but in 2010 it’s clearly outdated in almost every department. If its a cheap Ps3 shooter your after, look no further than Killzone 2. Currently I would give it 5/10.

To do list:                                                       Eagerly anticipated titles:

Assassins creed 2 (PS3)                                   Dead Space 2 (Ps3)

Bioshock 2 (PS3)                                             Fable 3 (Xbox 360)

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)                                      Metal gear solid 5 (PS3)

God of war 3 (PS3)                                          The Last Guardian, Team ICO! (PS3)

Just Cause 2 (PS3)

Splinter Cell Conviction (Xbox 360)

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Topshop’s eco friendly bag

Was shopping today when Joey decided to purchase some clothes from Topshop. To my surprise they were handed over the counter, neatly packaged in a paper bag! Opposed to the usual bad for the environment plastic kind. Was very impressed.

Posted by: adamha88 | March 23, 2010

Electric Metro planned through the heart of Birmingham

“Exciting”, plans have been announced for an electric tram system to run through the heart of Birmingham’s shopping district. The tram will connect Snow hill st to New street st, via Bull street and Corporation street.

It has been estimated that the project will boost Birmingham’s economy by 50 million pound annually and create 1,300 sustainable jobs.

What really interests me is, the emissions that this train may or may not produce. I currently haven’t found a reliable source which confirms the exact level of emissions that electric trams produce. Even if the trams themselves don’t produce emissions, they require electric lines to run on, which will either be overhead or underneath. So either way the environment seems to be at a loss, with the possibility of emissions from the trams themselves or the overall energy levels that are required for the tram systems to be operational.

If it does turn out the environment will suffer at the hands of the tram system, then the council / government should see that some 50 million pound it believes the tram line will create is invested into making Birmingham a greener city.

The main thing that I’m struggling to get my head around when it comes to the tram project is: Do we actually need it?

The tram line will be under one mile long … which is approximately a 15 – 20 minute walk at a leisurely speed of three mph.

Another point which could be looked into is the build itself. How will it be built? How will the Council ensure that the build doesn’t increase congestion levels in Birmingham city center?

However a point I feel I should make is: If the tram line decreases the amount of buses running in Birmingham town center then, the environment would more than likely benefit from the creation of the tram line.

So with all these questions filling up space in my head. The next step is to pick the most important ones:

1, At under one mile is the extension actually necessary?

2, What impact will the trams have on the environment?

3, What are the council planning on doing with the £50 million pound?

And put them to the people who know: Travel metro and Birmingham City Council.

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Vlog of the week P.T 4! (week 6)

Bad case of exposure!

So while this year could currently be considered a successful one, in the eyes of an Aston Villa fan. Have the recent cup runs increased the level of carbon emissions released by the faithful following?

For this investigation I’m only taking into consideration the away fixtures. For the average away game 3,000 (rising to 5,000 – 6,000) Aston Villa fans travel up and down the country, it’s almost impossible to figure out the exact number of fans/extra vehicles making cross country journeys, because not every fan travels by car. Some fans will rent a mini van, catch a train or take the coach. However a large number of fans will travel by car and in some cases only carry 1 – 2 people per vehicle and in all honesty, it’s these people who are doing the damage.

If we look at Aston Villa’s away schedule this year:

Carling cup:                                        FA Cup:

Cardiff 118M                                        Blackburn 114M

Sunderland 199M                                 Crystal Palace 107M

Portsmouth 160M                                 Reading 105M

Blackburn 114M                                   London 118M

London 118M                                       Overall: 444M

Overall: 709M                                    Total: 2306M The total was doubled, as fans are traveling both to and from the venue.

Another problem which could occur when refining the research, is not every Aston Villa fan travels from Birmingham. Some might travel from London, where as others travel from Reading.

Once the research is complete and I have figured out an approximate amount of emissions, that could of been produced by the the clubs good fortune in the cups. I will then produce this figure to Aston Villa and ask them ways in which the volume of emissions could be cut down, for future seasons.  Hopefully they will have a good answer.

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Vlog of the week P.T 3!

Update of my weeks work for online journalism. Hope you like the cheesy intro I made !

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YMCA center causing a song and dance.

Birmingham’s YMCA center is set to receive an Eco friendly face lift.

The YMCA center is a charity based organization, whose primary goal is to help and support children through troubled times.

The building itself has been designed to achieve level 4 of the government’s Code for Sustainable homes. A high standard yet to be achieved by a project of similar description, in all of Birmingham.

The 13.5 million pound project is currently underway and was recently included in the government’s Places of Change programme.

The state of the art complex will consist of 83 self contained flats, a gym, meeting rooms, “chill out” sections as well as it’s very own music studio.
(Picture above taken in September 2009)

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Vlog of the week

My second attempt at a vlog, getting better.

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